Z32 VG30DE(TT) Timing Belt Idler pulley adapters
300D-004 (short), 300D-005 (med), 300D-006 (long)

These adapters allow you to use the less expensive upper idler pulley or a used pulley from the auto-tensioner to replace the expensive left hand side idler pulley.

Stock pulleys.
On the left is the idler from the auto-tensioner (Nissan PN. 13077F6511)
in the middle is the upper idler (Nissan PN. 13077F6510)
on the right is the expensive left hand side idler (Nissan PN. 13077F6200)

The long or medium adapters let you use the auto-tensioner idler or upper idler to replace the left hand side idler.

The short adapter lets you use the auto-tension idler to replace the upper idler.

Prototypes of all three adapters. Production parts will vary slightly in appearance.

Suggested retail price: US $25 each


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