Z32 High Performance Fuel Rails 300D-012

300 Degree High Performance Fuel Rails fit the OEM newer style of injectors (pintle-less) or Sard style injectors into either style lower intake (early or later). See FAQ for details on which styles are which & part lists for installations.

A common upgrade is to install the newer style pintle-less OEM injectors on an earlier model Z32 replacing the pintle type injectors. In the past, the labor required to complete this conversion involved not only removing the intake manifold to access the fuel rail and injectors, but removal of the timing belt and most of the front of the engine to remove the lower intake. The lower intake is then removed and sent off for machining to accept the later style fuel rail. We developed our rails to make this upgrade simpler. We avoid all the additional labor and downtime. Our rail will adapt the pintle-less injectors to the early style lower intake directly.

300D-012-01 fits Sard/PE injectors (commonly sold as 850cc/min) onto an early model lower intake.
300D-012-02 fits Sard/PE injectors onto a late model lower intake.
300D-012-03 fits OEM pintle-less injectors onto a late model lower intake.
300D-012-04 fits OEM pintle-less injectors onto an early model lower intake (shown above).

Advantages to our design:

  • Bolt on application. Absolutely no machining, welding, or fabrication required. For pintle-less injectors with the early plenum, there is a small amount of grinding to make the #1 injector fit. (Better than Stock and the Border aftermarket fuel rail depending on injector choice)

  • Can be plumbed in serial or parallel. Installation flexibility is user definable for performance applications. The installation of a parallel feed system should aid in preventing fuel starvation in cylinders 5 and 6 as is common with a stock setup. (Better than Stock)

  • Has 57% "faster" pressure recovery then a stock fuel rail. The 300 Degree rails maintain pressure longer then a stock fuel rail while regaining fuel pressure quicker with out hindering fuel flow below the delivery rate of the stock fuel pump. (Better than Stock)

  • Increased fuel velocity when pressure begins to drop which assists in the recovery of fuel pressure. This will be beneficial for those that run Nitorus Oxide Injection systems where the fuel pressure drops to undesirable levels during NOS injection. (Better than Stock and Border)

  • They are completely thermally isolated from the upper and lower plenums. The stock fuel rails are thermally isolated, the border fuel rails are not. This can lead to heat soaking of the fuel rail, increasing fuel temperature. (Better than Border)

  • Fuel injector to main bore alignment is optimized for maximum fuel delivery. (Better than Stock and Border)

  • Completely designed in CAD software 2D and 3D.

  • Independently analyzed by a Fluid Dynamicist and Engineer.

  • Analyzed using computer methods in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) for high flow rate anomalies.

      Pre-production kit shown, actual fasteners/hardware may vary

    Kit includes 2 fuel rails, injector caps, all mounting hardware. Kit does not include injectors, injector seals or insulators, fuel line, fuel line fittings or gaskets. See FAQ for details on which styles are which & part lists for installations. Not CARB legal.

    Recommended fittings kit list for basic OEM replacement installations and can be purchased from automotive suppliers like Summit & Jegs. Use the hose recommended for use with the fittings you purchase. Not all AN hose is the same or connects to fittings the same.

    Notice and information about counterfeit 300 Degree HPFR kits.

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