Z32 Front Camber Compensation Kit 300D-001

This kit will return the front camber angles to factory specs after installation of 0.8" lowering springs.

Relocating the upper link farther outboard from the factory position allows compensation for the additional negative camber shorter springs will cause. This kit is specifically engineered to compensate for EibachTM Pro 0.8" lowering springs but can be installed to compensate for up to 1.5" drop by an alignment specialist. It can also be used to compensate for the sag OEM springs have over time by an alignment specialist.

All hardware exceeds the strength of the OEM parts. When installed according to the instructions, this kit cannot lose its settings like some other designs.

Alignment results from before (fully stock), and after being lowered with 0.8" springs, adjustable front tension rods and our Front Camber Compensation Kit. No extra camber adjustment required by the alignment specialist after installation on this car to get it back to stock spec's.

Z32 Camber Compensation Kit consists of compensation adapters, all the hardware needed for installation and step by step illustrated instructions. Although a skilled home mechanic can perform this installation, we recommend professional installation by the alignment specialist performing the required alignment afterwards. Note: This kit will return the vehicle to front OEM camber specs if the car was in spec before the installation of the springs. Vehicles that have had hard curb checks, had suspension damage from an accident, etc might not re-align correctly with this kit.

Suggested retail price: $100 USD


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