Z32 LH Brake Master Cylinder Brace Kit 300D-008

This kit braces the brake master cylinder so that it cannot move forward under braking. Brake feel will greatly improve as the master cylinder will be kept from moving and flexing the firewall as it usually does under heavy braking (up to 3/8" that we've seen). This is achieved by a fixed bracket supporting an adjusting bolt which rests against the front of the master cylinder. When the brake pedal is depressed, the master cylinder stays in the same position greatly reducing or eliminating firewall flex entirely.

Pre-production prototype. The final product is slightly different.

Prototype installed in a 95 TwinTurbo 5 speed.

Different view on the 95TT.

The kit consists of 1 bracket, an adjustment bolt, jam nut to lock the adjustment, and two longer mounting bolts.

Suggested retail price: $35


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